Le Colombier Morgon

Le Colombier Morgon

Domaine Bulliat
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Country: France
Region: Beaujolaispr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: Red
Grape: Gamay
Funky Factor: Funky with a classic twist
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: a bit chilled 14°C
Alcohol: 13%
Grape: Gamay

"Anxious to protect the environment, we practice a reasoned culture for many years and have started in 2010, a conversion to organic farming in order to obtain the label AB 3 years later. We got the AB label in 2013 for part of the operation.
We use natural products to fight against diseases.
We grassy ¾ of our plots to avoid herbicides and limit yields .
The erosion is stopped and it facilitates the passage of tractors. In addition, aesthetically, with the work of the soil under the vine is really beautiful.
Grassing also allows relocation of fauna and flora, it recreates the natural habitat of the insects and game, it's a balance."

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