About Treat & Why Natural Wine


Treat Berlin imports specialty wines (biodynamic and natural) from around Europe

Good produce, sustainability, the keyword natural, farmed without the use of pesticides and no or less intervention are the criteria for the treat wine-selection.

We want to share with you some fine and unique artisan wines which we love and which we wouldn’t want you to miss out on. We import and scout wines from France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

We are proud to work with extraordinary, mostly very small winemakers who gave us their trust in representing them.
Each wine has a unique story and so does the work of the winemaker.
Most of the wines are produced in very small or limited amounts that reflect the identity of the region.

Visit us in our Wine Shop and Winebar in Neukoelln

Schillerkiez: Okerstrasse 35, 12049 Berlin, find us on google map

Opening hours:

Wed: 16:00-20:00 Thu: 15:00- 21:00 (last kitchen order) Fr: 15:00-21:00 (last kitchen order) Sa: 12:00-21:00 (last kitchen order) Mo+Tue closed

or our Wine Shop in Schöneberg:

Akazienkiez: Belziger Str. 30, 10823 Berlin, find us on google map

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 15:00-20:00, Sa: 12:00 - 20:00, Mon+Tues closed


Our Services include:


Treat comes in delicious flavors. We have a small selection of exiting biodynamic and natural wines. Drop by our online wine shop, we ship within all Europe and non EU on request.


Each month we curate a specialty wine abo subscription box with exiting new wines, from around Europe. Our boxes are not random boxes that everybody will receive - Each box is individual compiled based on the clients with a own taste profil. As a extra: Subscribers of our wine box have first access to exclusive wines that are delicious and limited. 


We understand that every gastronomy concept is unique.
Through our expertise, we serve and advise restaurants, hotels and individual culinary projects.
We support you in selecting contemporary wines and advise you on the wines matching your culinary concepts. Having us as an independent consult, we analyze your current wine list and offer wine purchasing, wine scouting, a wine menu selection and workshops or wine training for your employees.


We host at our shop from time to time wine tastings and Pop Up events. Sign up in our newsletter to be UptoDate for our next events. We also offer on requests for private groups individual wine tastings events. Treat offers also specialty wines at indoor and outdoor events. Depending on the gathering we’ll be serving our wines through our mobile bar.


You probably heard it before, natural wine is offen called „living wine“ or wine “without makeup”
The main difference compared to conventional wine is:

-Viniculture is pesticide-free and it works without chemicals and pest control. Only natural substances in viticulture are used which do not penetrate the plants and consequently leave no residues in the wine.

– Only natural yeast is used, which is automatically found in the wine cellar or on the grapes on the vine. That means, no use of laboratory or artificially grown yeast or genetically modified yeast that ensure constant aromas and properties.
– No gelatin, megatartaric acid, bovine blood or controversial agents are used
– No enzymes, nutrient preparations and other almost 50 approved additives are added.

– The wine is usually not filtered, clarified, sterilized and not fined. If possible, protein is not added or only in rare cases if it cannot be avoided. Many natural wines are therefore also “vegan”.
-The wine contains no extra given sulfides and therefore has little or no sulfurization.
– General philosophy is to treat the wine as little as possible and don’t add something that changes the wine optically as well as taste. it’s about to reveal the wine’s own identity.

A typical optical appearance in natural wines can be for example cloudiness and a more „funky-taste“ meaning they could taste more raw, wild, with cider components and light to strong oxidative notes, offen earthy and typical are yeasty tones. they can also smell very different than taste-wise in the mouth.

-Respect for nature and the environment. This refers to a range of practices that are not only ecologically healthy but also socially responsible.
– Not all natural wines are organic and not all organic or biodynamic wines are natural.