Kristinus - Wine Tasting

Kristinus - Wine Tasting

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Join our Wine Tasting Event November 30th 2023 - 20:00Uhr - Location: Treat Berlin Schöneberg

It will brings us to the Wine Estate  Kristinus located in Hungary, 10km away from the southwestern shore of Central Europe’s largest water surface, Lake Balaton, close to Slovenia and Austria, to taste the wines of the Biodynamic and Organic viticulture. 

It will be matched with a selection of cheese to compliment the Tasting.

Behind this is, Florian Zaruba Winemaker and General Manager of the Winery.

 Since the end of 2018, they have been cultivating their land biodynamically. This means treating the vine and the surrounding environment as a whole, which is inseparable. Biodiversity is crucial in this system, where every living organism and microorganism plays a key role at its level. In line with the principles of biodynamics - just like humans - they strive to develop the strongest immune system in the vineyard, instead of just 

Since 2020, winged and four-legged colleagues have joined them on the exciting journey towards biodynamics. Gisi and Goldi, their first two Murbodener cows, who are the keys for them holistic biodynamic farming. They are the link to make preparations for their vineyards. A closed sustainable circle, with the goal making expressive and healthy terroir wines. 

Just like in the vineyard, they aim for the least intervention in the cellar. They are working to make the most of the soil and climate in the vineyard so that the wines truly reflect the terroir. The work they do here is about working with nature to make the best quality wines possible. They believe that in this case, returning to the basics is a step forward, including the use of winemaking techniques such as the ancient sparkling technology, pétillant naturel, or also called PET-NAT.

So lay back, enjoy this wines and discover the terroir of lake Balaton in our Wine Tasting!