Esspress Edition Set 3

Esspress Edition Set 3

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Special  ESSPRESS X TREAT Edition

with some of our current favorites for a very special price:



Grape: Olaszrizling, Tramini, Sauvignon Blanc

A light orange for white and orange lovers.

Analog is the opposite of digital.

Taste: A crisp wine with notes of lime, stone fruit and aromatic riper fruit components, a little creamy texture and some green grassy notes. Analog combines it all with its refreshingly vibrant acidity creates an impeccable balance as the initial savoury-sweetness dissolves into a long, salty-savoury finish. 

Pairs well with grilled chicken, salads and white soft-ripened cheeses.

Grape: 90% Clariette, 10% Marsanne

All-Star Favorit in the almost forgotten vineyard area of Brézème (Northern Rhone)

Taste: Adele has vibrant aromas of apple, peach, citrus peel, bergamot and jasmine. On the palate it is fresh, vibrant and rounded, with a highly flavoured soul and a lingering persistence.

Girl on Fire
Grape: 100% Cabernet Franc

Taste: A “sparkling” that is almost lighter than air. Mineral, elegant and lively: notes of white peaches meet strawberries with a tartness that is impossible to resist. It dances and rolls down the palate