Zibibbo di Pantelleria

Zibibbo di Pantelleria

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Country: Italy
Region: Pantelleriapr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: White
Grape: Zibibbo
Funky Factor: Funky
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: chilled
Alcohol: 12%
Grape Percentage: 100% Zibibbo

Winemaking: Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming, No added yeasts. The grapes are picked by hand by noon at the latest so that they are nice and cool at the time of processing. Immediately after the harvest, the grapes are pulped so that they macerate on the mash for three days, allowing them to develop their typical aromas. The grapes are then gently pressed with a wooden press and the grape juice is transferred to stainless steel containers. There the wine ferments in about 10 days and remains on the full lees for a year and waits to be bottled. This is done by dropping pressure from the barrel into an in-line filler directly onto the bottle. For this purpose, a minimum sulfur dose of 15 mg / liter is given for brief contact with air.


VINIFELICI - The winemaker of Zibibbo di Pantelleria
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The grapes grow in the “Barone” high valley on the island of Pantelleria. Zibibbo – the local expression of the Muscat de Alexandria – we educate according to the Unesco world heritage site “Albrello” (little tree) method. The vines are placed in hollows and kept low to protect the grapes from the strong winds typical of the island and the intensity of the sun. The aromatic berries, covered by their leaves, ripen inside the sapling.