Raiz White

Raiz White

Tiago Teles
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Country: Portugal
Region: Vinho Verdepr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: Orange
Grape: Loureiro
Funky Factor: Funky
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Soil: Granitic
Perfect Drinking Temperature: 10-14 grad
Alcohol: 12,5%
Grape Percentage: 100% Loureiro

Orange Wine

Winemaking: Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming, Traditional hand picking, Use of natural yeast.
Loureiro grapes from small viticulture in the mountain in the upper Vinho Verde region, from sustainable vineyards. Hand harvested in the fresh morning at prime maturity. The Loureiro grape naturally macerate / ferment with skin contact in 15 hl concrete vats for 6 months. Then ages for 5 months in concrete and eggs. Malolatic completed. The long maceration brings balance to the natural intensity of Loureiro grape, amplifying the salty profile.

"The wines RAIZ White and RAIZ Red are honest but provocative, influenced by the tale of a connection to the mother land in Arcos de Valdevez. They are born in a place where, as small children, we learned to experience nature, amidst a landscape rooted in granitic soils, exuberant nature, bathed by the cristaline waters of the river Vez. From our grandmother house, we used to look at the landscape where today the vineyards that gave origin to the wines Raiz White and Raiz Red are planted. Intuition led us to pick a blend of white varieties -Loureiro, Trajadura and Padernã- and a blend of red varieties, Vinhão and Padeiro de Bastos. In both wines we looked at pairing the freshness of the region with the complexity of live nature, giving way to two genuinely atypical wines. The bottle holds a tale of connection to the roots in Alto Minho, celebrating the values of freedom, thought, will and creation" - Tiago Teles


TIAGO TELES - Raiz White
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We have been exploring vineyards for several years. We observed and drank different wines. We fell in love with the complexity of the soils and the climates influenced by the Atlantic. We got to understand that the best plots are seeded in slopes and that the best soils shine. We felt that the wines from Bairrada and Vinhos Verdes materialised that living nature, whilst at the same time being complex and mutating constantly. The wine varieties are not that crucial, because we believe that they should serve wine, not the opposite. What really matters is their quality, how well they adapt to the climate and the types of wines envisioned. This is why our wines are local, authentic, and amicable. They showcase the nature of wines, of soils, the climate and local knowledge. The regions of Bairrada and Vinhos Verdes are among the most prestigious wine-producing regions in Portugal.
Bairrada “is a small wine patch, covering a few municipalities from the regions of Aveiro and Coimbra”, framed by the astonishing highlands of Caramulo and Buçaco, to the east, and the valiant Atlantic Ocean, to the west. The Vinho Verde region is extensive. Our wines are produced in one of the rare coincidences in the region where a river slices a valey from north to south. In the region of Arcos dos Valdevez, 30 km away from Galicia, within a valley aerated by the north winds and warmed by the surrounding mountains, under the influence of the mountain ranges of Soajo and Peneda, we found natural and sandy granite stone, endowed with its own minerality.
In S. Mateus and Valdazar, at the heart of Bairrada, and in the mythical Quinta dos Cozinheiros, next to Figueira da Foz, 7 km from the sea, we found vines well adapted to the soil and climate. Seeded in the right places, the vineyards take advantage of its clay-limestone, sandy soil, giving way to fresh but fleshy and aerated, very unique wines. Our grapes are planted in a biologic manner and produced in an integrated fashion, protecting the biodiversity of the region.