Malvasia Carso

Malvasia Carso

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Country: Italy
Region: Friaulpr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: White
Grape: Malvasia
Funky Factor: Funky with a classic twist
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: 10 – 12°C
Alcohol: 14%

Winemaking: Natural Wine, Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming, Traditional hand picking, Use of indigenous yeast.

SOIL: red soil-”terra rossa”, rich in silicates of iron

VINIFICATION: The grapes are destalked and then left to maceration on the skins for a period of 10 days in wooden vats of medium size. The cap is punched down 4-5 times a day.

MATURATION (aging): After fermentation, the wine remains for a period of 12 months in wooden vats of 1500l-2500l. The following year the wine is decanted from the wooden vats into oak (wooden) casks of 50hl and bottled without clarification or filtration. The wine is allowed to subsequently mature in the bottle for 4 to 6 months before it is released.

VINTAGE 2018: We consider 2018 excellent vintage in terms of quality, with good sugar content and a good degree of acidity. The grapes were healthy and balanced. During the growing season, treatments in the vineyards were kept to a minimum. In the winery, the fermentations were optimal.

Color: Bright golden yellow with copper shades

Bouquet: fruits such as apricot, candied citrus fruits combined with floral and balsamic notes

Taste: aromatic, salty, fresh and persistent

Pairings: medium-aged cheeses, flavorful fish dishes, fish soups, white meats


SKERK  the winemaker of the Malvasia Carso
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Behind a wine is a soul:
…In one word a wine-grower. A way of life, not a job. There is a whole world tucked away in creating a wine, in moulding it with your know-how and passion, in giving it part of yourself and bringing it to life with hopes and expectations. But the start goes way back. The shrewdness involved in choosing the variety of grapevine, to watch it grow, to bestow upon it honour and then to pick its fruit, to be taken in by this world, to indelibly sink your roots into your land to create something special, something that is yours. It is a long wait from the harvest to the first taste and then the emotion of tasting the wine that has long tautened the strings of your soul. Behind all this is a man; a producer: a fascinating and exciting job which casts off the weariness of having to get up early in the morning and which fills you with a new emotion before the sun goes down day after day. The feeling cannot be beat, it is simply one of a kind.

The life of a vine
Have you ever heard of a bad tree that gives good fruit? And what about the other way round? Not that either.
The age-old bond between man and nature, the knowing how to wait, to long after but not to demand, to give so as to receive – these are the rules handed down by nature. Of course, careful and well-aimed work gives good results. Our goal is to aim for excellence. How? By means of low-yield, high-density cultivation, by selecting the most suitable pruning techniques and canopy management aimed at exposing the plant to the sun, reducing any treatment to the bare minimum, with grass-swarded vineyards so as to avoid the use of chemical fertilisers.

The love for one’s land, the care and meticulous attention paid to the vine make these small plots of land scattered across the rocky karst heath a small, yet precious, enological pearl.

From the soil to the wine: a fermenting of emotions

if the quality of a wine is the result of the work carried out in the vineyard and its typical trait is a sure-sign mark of the territory, the job to be done in the cellar is to try and hold fast all the pure and natural features of the soil which are reflected in the fruit. How? By allowing the grapes to ripen just to the right point, by a skilled selection thereof, hand-harvesting, maceration of the grapes in their skins without the use of yeasts and enzymes and without fining down and filtering the wine. This brings out the utmost expression of the wine, which is then aged in oaken casks in an underground cellar that has been carved out of the karst stone to guarantee the right balance between humidity and temperature. All this has been done to give our wines a unique and original character. A vocation? No, simply a passion.

The Karst in a glass

Our wines? Indigenous par excellence! Terrano: an intense red, sharp, full-bodied wine rich in iron and minerals like the red soil that has nurtured it. And the whites? A simple elegance between the inebriating aromas and delicate flavours of Vitovska and the full- bodied fruity palate of Malvasia, all of which takes us far away from the standardisation and levelling of tastes and flavours. What is our goal? To try and condense all our history, territory and individuality in a good glass of wine, preserving the natural and genuine features so as to convey unto others a part of our world, our philosophy, but most of all ...our passion!!

The Karst: Red soil. Stone. Sea. Bora.
Imagine a ....vine. The vine and the Karst – a difficult but fascinating coming together: a compromise between the warmth of the red soil and the hardness of the karst stone, different emotions on the line where the sea and the Karst meet, thus creating a favourable microclimate for vine growing with pronounced temperature fluctuations, moderate marine breezes and impetuous gusts of the Bora wind that drives the clouds and humidity away from this sun-kissed land gazing out upon the sea. The life of a vine: this is a story of the trials, the fight to make way for one’s soil-covered roots delving between everything and nothing, the victory in burrowing through the scanty meanders of red soil; so scant, yet so generous in giving the fruit a part of itself – its iron and minerals. And like all the trials of life, this fruit – as one knows full well – is the pearl of excellence. And all thanks to the red soil, the limestone, the sea and the Bora wind.