Oiseau Rebelle - BRMTH

Oiseau Rebelle - BRMTH

Oiseau Rebelle
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Country: France
Region: pr Content: 0.5 L
Type of Wine: White
Funky Factor:
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: chilled
Alcohol: 17,4%


Winemaking: very strong direct pressing 100%, fermentation with own yeast (sic!), aging without any racking for 21 months in stainless steel
Taste: Bottle, color, fire - everything is reminiscent of a strong spirit - but then full, soft and ripe wineiness in the mouth: fine sweetness, smooth lining, cooling mineral, herbal tartness; Soothing like gentle rocking on old swell is mild and balanced in the alcohol. Easy to drink and multi-layered to discover - as cool as the hottest bars in the world, as fat as the most vibrant bass lines, an absolute must-drink of the 21st century.
Label: fluorescent under UV light


OISEAU REBELLE - The winemaker of BRMTH
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Instructor in the Deutsche Sommelerie, Guido Hube decided to change his life radically, to settle in Banyuls in order to produce wine beyond his preconceived notions and without any appreciable restrictions. On an area of just over 8 ha, he only produces a few thousand bottles a year. With a vengeance the rigid administrative corset, the constraints of ‘mutage’ (alcohol reinforcement), like avoiding the delimitation Banyuls / Collioure, the wines of Guido and Melanie Hube follow production protocols that may seem archaic, but are actually complex and demanding. The result, enclosed in eye-catching black bottles, cannot leave untouched. This new interpretation of the wines of the Côte Vermeille, as unique as it may be, can be attributed to the current renewal movement, which, full of freshness and ingenuity, is borne by traveled, idealistic winegrowers (from Japan, Denmark). We have the highest expectations in this wine-growing landscape with its unique potential.