Luis Pato Special- unpublished documentary & wine tasting evening

Luis Pato Special- unpublished documentary & wine tasting evening

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Our next Tasting Event will be Oct 13th 2022 - 20:00Uhr - Location: Treat Berlin Schöneberg

It brings us to Bairrada to taste the wines of icon winemaker Luis Pato which really is a family project whose tradition in this region stretches back to the eighteen century.

João Pato started to bottle the wine from his vineyards in 1970, becoming the first winegrower in Bairrada region after its demarcation. H
is son Luis Pato inherited this nonconformist and pioneer spirit and in 1980 produced his first wine, a pure Baga from an exceptional quality and absolute rareness that is sought by appreciators as a treasure.

For this Evening we will be the first ones watching this unpublished 30 min documentary about Luis Pato that was made by his daughter Maria Pato in order to celebrate her father’s 40th harvest .

It will be matched with a special selection of some „pato wines“ going back even to some rare vintages, combined with a selection of cheese to compliment the tasting.

Only 12 Seat/ Tickets available