Johnny Popper

Johnny Popper

Julie et Toby Bainbridge
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Country: France
Region: Loirepr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: Sparkling white
Grape: Chenin Blanc
Funky Factor: Funky
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: chilled
Alcohol: 12,5%
Grape: Chenin Blanc

Conditioned in recycled Champagne bottles and sealed with crown caps.

A very limited edition of Julie et Toby Bainbridge

Bottled in green, recycled, Champagne bottles. (Johnny Popper is in reference to John Deere tractors of old, one of Toby’s passions.)

The base wine was fully fermented using indigenous yeast and then stabilized by chilling after fermentation.
Secondary fermetation was launched with the addition of 8g/l of sugar.
Bottled at the domaine.
The wine is not degorged as the 8g/l of sugar only gives a slight sparkle, thus the cloudy aspect. The idea behind this wine is to replicate the bubbles in cider.
Because there is less than three bars of pressure, the wine is officially still.
The finished wine is completely dry.

Winemaking: Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming, Traditional hand picking, Use of indigenous yeast, Bottled without filtation.


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