Baga Duck

Baga Duck

Joao Pato Aka Duckman
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Country: Portugal
Region: Bairradapr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: Red
Grape: Baga
Funky Factor: Funky
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: room temperature
Alcohol: 12 %

Winemaking: Organic, Natural Wine, The grapes are harvested by hand. No stabilization or filters used.

A on-vintage blend of 4 different harvests, blended together.

limited - small production !


very limited

JOAO PATO AKA DUCKMAN - The winemaker of Baga Duck
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A wine from the winemakers of Luis Pato´s 2nd daughter: Maria Pato

João Pato, the original, was born in 1920, died in 1986 and he reborn as Duckman in 2018!
This brand represents the crossing from the past to the future, what we have received from the past and what we will leave for the future generations…

Maria comes from a winemaker family for many generations from bairrada / portugal . Her Father, Luis Pato well known as a famous winemaker and her older well-regarded sister Filipa Pato, she has a strong background.

Her answer of the identity of her region is her own ART - isanal wine project João Pato aka Duckman producing handcrafted wines in small editions made with indigenous homegrowing grapes and on a sustainable practices.

„Taking into account that art makes questions, we want to raise questions about what lies behind the industrialization of the wine, the natural wine movement and the extensive use of personal image in the wine business which takes out the soul of the creator… We’ve decided to create the duck face and to write a Manifesto with our intentions…“

Duckman’s Manifesto: 

I'm Duckman, born and raised in the Bairrada, Portugal, and I'm an happy soul. My origins are old and I keep an eye in the future. 
For a better world, these are my principles: 

- I'm as wild as possible
- I respect and love the earth created by God, full of clay and limestones to fantastic Jurassic fossils 
- I honor the heritage of my ancestors and the indigenous grapes 
- I make conscious use of biodynamic, organic or sustainable practices
- I use electric cars charged by solar panels 
- I treat residual water from wine production
- I use machines to help workers
- I promote and sell abroad the essence of my land that is a non sustainable activity but I can't avoid 
- I eat what the earth provides fruit of our trees
Behave wildly. Feel the unexpected!