Domaine Vinci
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Country: France
Region: Languedocpr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: White
Grape: Macabeu
Funky Factor: Funky
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: chilled 8-10°C
Alcohol: 13%
Grape Percentage: 100% Macabeu

Winemaking: Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming. Grapes are handpicked and harvested in the cool of the morning in 6 kg crates. Whole bunches are crushed by feet then press in a 5 Hl pneumatic press. The juice goes into a stainless steel vat for 48 hours then racked in stainless steel. Fermentation takes place with indigenous yeast. Malolactic fermentation follows and the wine stays around 18 months on it's fine lees. The wine is racked into stainless steel prior to bottling. No fining, no filtration, no added sulfites.

Taste: Light golden colour, the nose offers layers of aromas marzipane infused with elderflowers, honey and a touch of anise. The palate displays a lush oily texture and depth with a complex and long finish.

Tasting Notes Spectator: Yikes, this wine was a revelation! Awesome. Funky aromas, but already shows nice tartness and herbal funk. The palate is tart, lean, but elegent. Smooth and lean, but lovely, with fantastic intensity. Rich and imposing. Lovely impressive finish with compelling depth. Wish this was for sale.


DOMAINE VINCI - The winemaker of Coyade
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In 2001 we decided to purchase our very own vineyard in the Roussillon region of France, in the heart of the Agly Valley, South of France. Our vineyard spreads across 6 hectares (about 15 acres). The isolated location of the vines between forest and steep rocky hills allows us to work in « partnership » with the surrounding countryside. Each plot is fenced to protect our crops from wild boar and deer. Year after year, flora and fauna is increasing in biodiversity.

We do not use chemical fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides or any other synthetic molecule. Weeding is done manually, the pruning is adapted to each individual vine tree and we plough only once a year, in winter. Our main focus is to help the vines find their own balance between what they produce and the ground supporting them. We only harvest in the cool of the morning in small crates. The grapes are handpicked when they reach their utmost gustatory and phenolic maturity. We sort them in the vineyard before taking them to the cellar to stay at a low temperatures overnight.

All wines are named after the land registry except Maquis. We are part of the Vinnatur Association.
Being producers of VinNatur natural wine is a choice, not an obligation.