La Dilettante sec

La Dilettante sec

Domaine Breton
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Country: France
Region: Loirepr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: White
Grape: Chenin Blanc
Funky Factor: Classic
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: chilled
Alcohol: 13,5%

Winemaking: Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming, Traditional hand picking. Vegan.

Slow pressing, vinification in tanks. To prepare it for its bottling, we filter it to eliminate the microorganisms that would inhibit its stability, thus calling for the addition of too much sulfur. Bottling in April with a bit of residual sugars, to balance the minerality from the soil. The expression of its minerality arrives slowly month after month.

Dry white wine, fresh and ripe from clay and flint soils. The happy medium between the minerality of the terroir, the acidity of the wine and the maturity of the grapes.


Domaine Breton - The winemaker of La Dilettante
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"Natural wine is a wine made of 100 % pure grapes, a pure origin, converted into wine with native yeasts found naturally on the skins (contrary to synthetic yeasts created in a laboratory), without chemical additives, and the addition of sulfur limited to a strict minimum for its survival.

It is the real expression of a terroir, in its subtle and unique aromas.
It is alive, gourmet, singular.
It is the reflection of its winemaker and its place of birth.

Natural wine opposes technologically standardized and reproducible wines found throughout the winemaking world."