As Cegas - Doc Brown

As Cegas - Doc Brown

Vinhos Aparte
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Country: Portugal
Region: Variouspr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: White
Funky Factor: Funky
Allergens: Contains Sulfites


Very limited !!! Only 10 bottles available.

Only 1 bottle per purchase possible!

The ultimate blind tasting experience.

is it white, orange, rose, red...? We dont know...

Scratch on the lable to find out what you are drinking. 

Perfect Drinking Temperature: what do you think
Alcohol: you will see

Grape: you don’t know til you know

Region: find it out

Winemaking: Organic, Natural Wine, The grapes are harvested by hand. No stabilization or filters used.


VINHOS APARTE - The winemaker of Aparte As Cegas - Doc Brown

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A natural wine from the winemakers of Vinhos Aparte. One of the most exciting current natural wine projects in Portugal.


Aparte was born in 2018 when 3 friends with an ISA viticulture and a ecology masters degree discovered a wine barrel that was left „apart“ in a wine cellar in Palmela.

The grapes are handpicked and selected in the vineyard. The winemaking process is in harmony with nature.
Vinhos Aparte stand for naturally made wines with passion and they belong to a small group of portugese vegan producers.

Each year the labeling of the wines change as they wanted to support different artist but also have the graphics matching their interpretations to the liquid creations.