Adega Do Vulcáo
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Country: Portugal
Region: Pico Islandpr Content: 0.75 L
Type of Wine: White
Grape: Arinto dos Acores, Terrantez do Pico
Funky Factor: Classic
Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Perfect Drinking Temperature: 10-12 grad.
Alcohol: 13%
Grape Percentage: 90% Arinto dos Acores, 10% Terrantez do Pico

Winemaking: Organic viniculture, Herbicide-free farming, Traditional hand picking, Use of natural yeast.
Fermentation with native yeasts. Aging: 4 months in neutral french oak and 6 months in bottle.

Soil: Volcanic Ash, Igneous.

Tasting Notes: Vibrant mouthfeel with intense minerality. Highlighted flint notes. A very speical, elegant and delicious wine and personally one of our top favourits.


Adega do Vulcáo - The winemakers of Ameixambar
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Adega do Vulcão

Originate from the beautiful natural landscapes of the Azores archipelago. Rare and precious, they are the result of careful selection, produced from native wines that have strong character and a rich history. The winemaking project has the intention of crafting high quality white wine from particular terroirs of the azores, specifically on the islands of pico and faial. rodolfo and his team belive in organic winemaking with minimal intervention, respecting the wines genuine characteristics and traits, providing a unique expression of there identity. Truely special and rare wines

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