Eric Texier - Tasting

Eric Texier - Tasting

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Our next Tasting will be April 1st 2022 - 20:00Uhr - Location: Treat Berlin Schöneberg

For our next tasting event we journey to the heart of North Rhone matched with a selection of cheese to compliment the Tasting.

Eric Texier first worked in nuclear technology before devoting himself entirely to the world of biodynamic and natural wine in the early 1990s.
Eric and his wife Laurence have huge variety in their wines and styles they produce - This gives us the perfect excuse to explore their new vintages with a classical expression side by side with some 'high end' wines with greater complexity.

The estate consists of two very distinct terroirs in the northern Rhône valley - Brézème in the Drôme (left bank of the Rhône) and the Ouvèze valley in the Ardèche (right bank), two areas well identified on wine maps of the Rhône. However, due to their small size and geographic isolation, they are almost forgotten when talking about the region. Their approach and philosophy were born from personal journeys, education and meetings with emblematic winemakers and unconventional farmers from around the World.

Texier´s wines are full of structure, elegance and personallity - the tasting will showcase the entry level range followed by signature wines, ending up with his „les vins des Grands Soirs“.

Since this is a No-Mask event, please only book a ticket when you have a 2G+ certificate. Thank you.