Breton - Tasting

Breton - Tasting

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Our next Tasting will be May 27th 2022 - 20:00Uhr - Location: Treat Berlin Schöneberg

Our wine tasting for May brings us to Loire to taste the wines of icons of Biodynamic and Organic viticulture which really is a project enjoyed by their entire family whose tradition in this region stretches back to 1886 over 4 generations.

It will be matched with a selection of cheese to compliment the Tasting.

Catherine and Pierre Breton switched to organic winemaking as far back as 1985 (certification in 1991) after meeting colleagues and other vintners who had the same principles at heart and could show evidence for the positive impact on their farming, starting their own project at this time.

Move forward to 1990 and they had already transferred to biodynamic principles before most modern winemakers had been born. Now joined by their daughter France and her partner Baptiste as well as their son, Paul in making certain cuvées under the same domaine, each with a slightly different style and signature.

We will delve deep into wines from Vouvray which consist of Chenin Blancs and from Bourgueil we will try their Cabernet Francs with a character that personifies their low intervention approach with stability and consistency alongside a classic touch to please all palates.

We further hone in on the range - "La Dilettante" (translating as 'the Dabbler') Catherines series of wines which have a sense of class and a subtlety that makes for a memorable and comforting experience...

Since this is a No-Mask event, please only book a ticket when you have a 2G+ certificate. Thank you.